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Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?

Order payments are deposited to the bank account of your choice. Account details are collected during the onboarding process.

What fees do I get charged?

Listing your products on Zilingo Trade is free. We charge a commission on each order. You will get more details on commission tiers from your Key Account Manager once you sign up.

How do I maximise my earnings?

Maximize your earnings and get a Top Seller badge by shipping orders on time, selling top quality products and avoiding cancellations.

You can also:
• Join regular marketing campaigns to reach more buyers
• Create custom promotions for your store
• Use the analytics dashboard to monitor store performance

How do I build a good catalog?

Create a good catalog by providing:
• High-quality product images
• Accurate product names and detailed descriptions
• Competitive pricing
• Accurate product dimensions and size guides

Reach out to your local Key Account Manager if you need help in setting up or managing your product catalog.

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