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How to Sell & Buy on Zilingo Trade?

Zilingo Editorial Team
With businesses going the digital way, procuring and selling has never been easier. We at Zilingo have tried to keep our online services as simple and prompt as possible. A one-stop shop for all your business needs. Zilingo is a fashion and lifestyle marketplace selling products from Southeast Asia and China. Reaching global buyers and buying global fashion is just a click away now with Zilingo. Online businesses are proven to be more beneficial than offline businesses for many reasons such as lower business operating costs, flexibility in operating your business from practically anywhere, no opening time restrictions, higher profit margins and most importantly better cash flow with 100% payments. Hence the best time to grow your business on Zilingo.
You can choose from a wide collection of over 20000 products from 4000+ sellers from Zilingo Trade. With the latest in categories such as Womenswear, Menswear, Kidswear and much more. Some of our top brands include Miss Chase, AKS Clothing, Rue Fashion and the Style Silhouette.
Highly functional and user friendly, here’s what selling on Zilingo looks like:.
Open your store on Zilingo Trade in 5 Steps:
It’s as simple as the steps above. All you need is to create an account and add at least 5 SKUs. Once we confirm the details are in order, you can start selling!
Here’s how you can make your business stand out on Zilingo by adopting the 5 cardinal rules :
1. Sell products that people want (AKA you need to follow trends)
2. Good price vs. quality beats all
3. Choose the best in imagery
4. Detailed and accurate names
5. Lots of descriptions
With these 5 Cardinal Rules on Zilingo, sellers are at an advantage of gaining maximum customer visibility and higher rate of profit.
Buying on Zilingo Trade:
Buying fashion essentials in bulk quantities is also made easy on Zilingo Trade. Enjoy a large variety of products and low prices due to our wide supplier network and volume aggregation. Simply tell us what you need and we'll get it to you!
Here’s a 4 Step Guide to Buying on Zilingo Trade:
Not only that we also provide flexible payment terms such as Buy Now, Pay later. Some of the advantages of buying on Zilingo include:
1. Worldwide delivery
2. Wholesale prices
3. Secure payments
4. Easy to Return & Refund Policies
5. Order 24/7
6. Offering great deals to customers for choosing Zilingo to conduct business
Zilingo’s Sourcing Solutions:
Does your business face critical challenges such as:
1. Difficulty managing supply in your business
2. Trouble finding compliant fabric mills and factories
3. Lacking geographic diversity and local expertise
Our flexible sourcing service enables brands to experiment with new product categories and fabrics, adapted to a range of order quantities. Diversify your sourcing and supply with confidence as Zilingo connects you with 1000+ compliant suppliers across 17 countries offering competitive manufacturing to scale efficiently and responsibly.
Here’s how you can source from Zilingo Trade:
We at Zilingo help businesses in sourcing sustainable fabrics. Discover our offering of natural, organic and recycled fabrics.
Tell us what you need and we’ll give you the best quotes! Easy to register and easy to conduct trade. Sign up today on Zilingo Trade to avail special offers for this month.
Zilingo Editorial Team
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